About Us

METECO JSC is a joint stock company, founded in 1990, specialized in designing, construction and commissioning of Dedusting systems for purification of industrial and ventilation gases and dust laden fumes in all industrial branches. Applications

МЕТЕCО JSC designs and delivers Baghouse/Fabric filters and Cartridge filters for dedusting of entire production units and production halls in foundries, power stations, cement factories, woodworking shops,flour mills, textile shops etc.

МЕТЕCО JSC has developed a range of small size “Pulse Jet” filters with capacity up to 2000 m3/ h for technological units used in workshops which provide efficient ventilation at workplaces with harmful dust and gas emissions.

МЕТЕCО JSC performs reconstruction and modernization of existing dedusting systems and accomplishes deliveries of centrifugal fans, screw conveyors, rotary valves, control valves, guiding devices and other supplementary equipment. Bag Filters Accessories

МЕТЕCО JSC designs and puts into operation Deodorizing plants for gases. These plants are elaborated for each particular application depending on customer’s individual requirements. They are suitable for production activities connected with emission of gases with bad, strong odour.

МЕТЕCО JSC offers Sorting lines with variety capacity for municipal solid wastes and elaborates detailed designs for whole sorting areas / from waste acceptance to its transportation in bales/.

МЕТЕCО JSC offers to its customers favourable opportunities for flexible financing of the projects. At customer’s request a part of the equipment used in dedusting plants can be manufactured by the client, based upon METECO ‘s documentation and supervision.

In 2004, МЕТЕCО JSC implemented a Quality Management System as per ISO standards and achieved the Certificates of approval, with UKAS /Great Britain/ and ANSI-RAB /USA/ accreditation. In 2010 the QMS was recertified as per new standard ISO 9001:2008.